Travel Tips - November 25, 2020

The Mentawai Islands

A majestic surfing mecca in Indonesia

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The Mentawai Islands is one of the most majestic locations on earth; the truth is words cannot describe nor express the greatness of this place. To be there means the accomplishment of the ultimate dream.

Stop for a second and imagine yourself walking along the most paradisiac beaches with crystal clear blue water hitting the shore and a condensed and amazing rainforest or cruising around a beautiful and infinity blue ocean with a magnificent landscape, you might be able to start understanding the feeling.

Located approximately 130 kilometres off the west coast of Sumatra, 70 islands and islets alongside the Mentawai Strait form the archipelago, covering 6,011 square kilometres with a population of approximately 93,000 people. Indigenous inhabitants are called the Mentawai people. Their culture is just impressive; dances to the animals, war, and gratitude to nature are part of their ceremonies and rituals that most likely will be followed by hunting.

Most people don’t know that history says that the Mentawai tribes’ tattoos are the oldest in the world, entirely made from natural sources. They are real artists; there you can also find some beautiful paintings, drawings, and carved materials.

The islands on this beautiful archipelago were separated from the mainland in Sumatra in the middle of what was called the Pleistocene period, roughly 1.8 million years to 10,000 years ago forming the incredible Mentawais. A place rich in its fauna and flora, with dense and mostly humid tropical rainforest vegetation, a great variety of animals, and an indescribable ocean.

The major islands in the Mentawais are Siberut, Sipora, Pagai Utara (North Pagai) and Pagai Selatan (South Pagai). The Mentawai Islands are a regency part of the West Sumatra province, Padang is the capital of the region, and the main hub to the Mentawais is located opposite to Siberut across the Mentawai Strait.

This amazing chain of islands has not only the most scenic and stunning landscapes and rich culture and nature, but it also provides the best waves on the planet, so it has become one of the most coveted surf locations in the world.

The Mentawai Islands is every surfers’ dream! There is no doubt the archipelago has more perfect waves per square meter than any other place. It is definitely one of gods finest art piece on earth, detailed to be this beautiful, incredible and unique place. With all the elements needed, the Mentawais can generate the most perfect and epic surf conditions in the world. It’s a mystical and magical place! If surf is your religion, so this is your temple!

Know a day, there are plenty of options all around the Mentawai islands, from cheap accommodations to expensive resorts inland or a great variety of boats, ranging in price, and structure, and services/support to the customers. But one thing is sure; you don’t need to spend thousands of bucks to go on your dream trip anymore.

The surf spots are all over the many islands and islets, from north to south, east to west there are many surfs breaks perfect to each possible swell or wind direction so that the archipelago could get swells throughout the whole year. Although, the best and most consistent season for great swells and a greater variety of waves will be from April to October, it can always vary from an early March start or a late November end of season.

From those chilling, mushy, mellow, and super fun waves to the high-performance manoeuvres and barrelling training tracks or the big, scary, and powerful swells for the adrenaline junkies; Here is where all the best dreams come true.

These are a few of the incredible surfing spots of the region using the four major Islands as a reference;

Siberut – Off the south end, the islands and surf spots are best known as Playground region; Ebay, Bankvaults, Pitstops, Nipussi, Beng Beng, Hideaways, Burger World, Kandui, Rifles, A-Frames, and so on.

Sipora – Sipora and its surroundings also have some solid and perfect waves around; Iceland, Suicides, Telescopes, Scarecrows, and 7Palms are located north of the island and, on the south, we have the amazing, Lance’s Right, Lance’s left and Bintangs.

Pagai Utara – Here you will find one of the world’s most famous and most dreamed surf spots, the Mentawaian pearl, Macaronis, and the perfect, hollow and powerful Greenbush.

Pagai Selatan – Waves like Rag’s right, Rag’s Left, Thunders, and the Hole, located southeast off the island’s coast at the very bottom, is one of the “last and furthest” surf spots of the Mentawais.

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