Travel Tips - November 25, 2020

When should I travel to Maldives?

Everything you need to know before travelling to the Maldives. Tips and recommendations for your upcoming trip.

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The weather is determined by two distinct monsoon seasons; Northeast Monsoon (Dry Season) from November to April, and Southwest Monsoon (Wet Season) from May to October.

The Maldives have three distinct regions: South atolls with most of the surf spots, Central atolls with some secrets and completely empty crowded, and the North atolls with many perfect spots. Still, the truth is that it doesn’t matter where you go, you can always find perfect lefts and rights for all sorts of tastes around the whole archipelago.

There are heaps of surf spots around the many islands and atolls at any time of the year due to the two diverse Monsoon Seasons; the surfing conditions and season to each location are continuously shifting, but it never stops. The only thing you got to do is choose which atolls region to go accordingly to the season and the given conditions.

A paradisiac place for everyone, all levels are welcomed in paradise, plenty of perfect lefts and rights from the fun and mellow waves to those more powerful and barrelling for a high performance and training. If you are an Adrenaline Junkie, don’t get upset, as we have mentioned the Maldives welcomes everyone, not as heavy as other locations can be. Still, solid swells are usually seen more frequently around the end of May until August, with some gnarly and powerful waves breaking over the many spots around, so you definitely will get your adrenaline dosage.