Love Charms

Love Charms is a very consistent and mostly uncrowded wave. You can find surfable conditions pretty much every day, this left-hander can be mushy and cruisy on its small days, breaking along two different sections it is the perfect spot for throwing some carves and turns. When the big South swells hit, the location turns into a long and hollow wave providing some powerful surfing sessions.


Best surf conditions are S quadrant swells with N / NE winds, Love Charms can hold waves up to 10ft so it can get heavy and becoming an excellent option for those who like to charge.

About the Spot

Wave Peak Left
Experience All surfers
Quality Fun & Friendly
Bottom Reef
Swell S / SE / SW
Swell Size Up to 10 ft.
Wind North
Board All boards
Best Season May to October
Tide All tides

Other Waves

Wave Quality Direction Level Bottom Swell Wind
Lohis All surfers Reef Southeast NW / NE / SE
Chickens Experienced Surfers Reef SE / S Northwest
Sultans Experienced Surfers Reef SE / S / E W / NW / SW
Cokes Experienced Surfers Reef South N / W
Honky’s Intermediate Reef SE / S Northeast
Jailbreaks All surfers Reef SE / S SW / S / W
Ninja’s All surfers Reef SE / S SW / W / NW


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