Macaronis is undoubtedly one of the most famous and coveted waves on the whole Mentawai archipelago. The location can also be one of the most crowded waves you will find around the Mentawai. Most of the times, people find a bit hectic surfing Macarronis, which is very unfortunate given its playfulness and perfection.

This left-hander is an absolute machine, from barrels at the take-off to manoeuvres all the way down, the wave provides everything you could ever dream of.

Maccas can be a real training track as well as very fun up until 5 ft., once the swell hits anything over than that, the wave transform itself and becomes the ‘real deal’ even for experienced surfers, with some tough take-offs, heavy and hard-to-make waves hollowing all the way.

About the Spot

Wave Peak Left
Experience Intermediate to Experienced Surfers
Quality World class
Bottom Reef
Swell S / SW / W
Swell Size 3 to 8 ft.
Wind SE / E
Board Shortboards & Semi-Guns
Best Season April to October
Tide All tides

Other Waves

Wave Quality Direction Level Bottom Swell Wind
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Scarecrows All surfers Reef Southwest Southeast
Hideways All surfers Reef S / SW N / NE
Bintangs Intermediate Reef N / NW South
Suicides Adrenaline Junkies Reef SW / W Southeast
Greenbush Experienced Surfers Reef Southwest Northeast
No Kandui Adrenaline Junkies & Experienced Surfers Reef Southwest East
Rifles Experienced Surfers Reef S / SW NW / N
The Hole Experienced Surfers Reef Southwest NE / E
Ebay Intermediate to Experience Surfers Reef West North
Thunders Left Experienced Surfers Reef S / SW E / SE
Lances Left Intermediate to Experienced Surfers Reef SW NW / W / SW
Rags Right Experienced Surfers Reef Southwest Southeast
Hollow Trees – HT’S Experienced Surfers Reef SW / SE / S NE / E
Bank Vaults Experienced Surfers Reef Southwest North
Beng Beng All levels Reef S / SW SE / NE
A-Frames All levels Reef S / SW NW / N / W
Nipussi All levels Reef Southwest N / NE
Burger World All levels Reef Southwest Northeast
4 Bobs All levels Reef Southwest North


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