Scarecrows is a consistent left-hander with a shallow reef and totally exposed to ocean swells. Once it hits the reef, it can become a little bumpy. With the right swell and wind direction, this wave is perfect, fast, and powerful with different manoeuvres and barrel sections. Scarecrows has everything you could ask for. Rippable and a consistent spot where you can get barrelled and train all manoeuvres you want all day long with just a few friends around. Be mindful of the shallow reef, it can get dangerous at low tide.

About the Spot

Wave Peak Left
Experience All surfers
Quality Fun & Friendly
Bottom Reef
Swell Southwest
Swell Size 4 to 6 ft.+
Wind Southeast
Board Shortboards, Semi-Guns, Guns & Bodyboards
Best Season April to October
Tide Mid to high

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